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Commercial Lake & Pond Maintenance Orange County, California

Professional Lake, Koi Pond, Fountain, Waterfall Services California When contracting with Commercial Pool Services, our pond technicians start by reviewing your property and designing a custom service based on your water feature. From pond pumps, filtration, to large reservoirs and community lakes, our lake management service team is properly equipment and ready to handle your apartment complex water feature, HOA pond or lake, or any other water feature requiring service.Interested in lake, pond, or waterfall construciton? All water features are built with your end-game in mind and taking into consideration how you want your property to be maintained for the following years. Some commercial properties desire low-maintenance water features their maintenance crews can service on a regular basis, others prefer custom high-end water features requiring a professional water feature company to maintain.We also build custom fountain and waterfalls for residential properties. We understand not everyone wants a pool or spa constructed yet would like something to create an enjoyable ambiance for entertaining or to cover up un-wanted noise. We have had multiple residential properties hire us to create decorative water features includind pondless waterfalls and fountains to cover up nearby freeway noise.Contact us if you would like a free lake, pond, or custom water at (714) 677-8445.
Pool & Spa Maintenance Services
Custom pool and spa maintenance plans designed specifically for your water features. We offer both commercial and residential pool maintenance.
Pool & Spa Construction Services
Providing custom pool and spa construction for your residential or commercial property. From decorative water features to Olympic-size pools we can build them all.
Pool & Spa Equipment Repair Services
Servicing and repairing all types of pool equipment. We service salt generators, pool heaters, swimming pool pumps .
Pool & Spa Tiles Repair & Cleaning Services
On-going maintenance of your pool and pool area is vital for many reasons, but primarily for the health and safety of your guests.

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Custom quotes for multi-home communities with natural water features. Commercial pool services recognized early on many larger communities we serviced pools for also had koi ponds, lakes, fountains, and many other water features requiring service. 40 years later, we are California’s premier water feature service. 40 years of professional pool service experience!Contact us today for a free quote and walkthrough of your property (714) 677-8445.

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Professional Lake Management: With over 40 years underneath our belt, we have developed life-long relationships with some of Southern California’s best Lake & Pond Suppliers, Contractors, Maintenance Crews. You found the best water feature management company on the West Coast!” Professional Lake Management: With over 40 years underneath our belt, we have developed life-long relationships with some of Southern California’s best Lake & Pond Suppliers, Contractors, Maintenance Crews.
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Custom Koi Pond Services

We often get many residential customers inquiring about custom koi pond services. Although we are a commercial company WE DO offer koi pond services, but on a limited level. Our pond contractors are perfectly suited for building, repairing, and also maintaining any size water feature including smaller residential koi ponds. If you are a residential customer located in our service area, we promise to do our best to service you although we cannot service all residential customers due to the demand of services and we do apologize for that.

Need Your Lake Maintained, Repaired, or Constructed?

We often manage larger lakes beyond 1+ acres and over 1 million gallons of water. Our lake technicians are perfectly suited for dealing with your excessive algae growth, (hopefully not golden algae) but we are prepared to deal with golden algae as well. Is your lake leaking or needing repair? Aeration? Sometimes management companies are not aware of the best plan of attack for managing their lake, pond, or custom water feature. We always suggest contacting a professional water feature management company to quote your property. We offer free consultations, maintenance bids, construction bids, as well as repair bids to help you save money on your water feature.Are you losing water from your pond or lake? We reseal and re-pack large bodies of water. California is notoriously aggressive with water-loss, and this includes natural water features like ponds, lakes, streams, waterfalls and more. Contact us today for a free quote – (714) 677-8445.


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The best pool construction company in Orange County bar-none!
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Did an amazing job on our pool deck, go with their 1-inch pavers!
FTP Management Company
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Superb work and came in at a great price with our pool build. Definitely recommend!
Eric Roel
(Newport Beach, CA)
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