Not properly maintaining your water feature equipment can be costly for your property in the long run

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Not properly maintaining your water feature equipment can be costly for your property in the long run

Maintaining a pool and spa is a must. Whether you are an apartment complex, hotel, or homeowner, these pool-rules should be as clear as your water or else your water feature could become an invisible expense slowing building up.

For the record, If you’re a commercial company with a water feature on site, please speak with you’re the appropriate personnel before managing any pool equipment. If needed we know a company who is perfectly capable of maintaining your water feature and equipment.

Let’s start with the simplest form of pool maintenance.

Skimming each water-feature daily, the act of taking your pool-pole with a skimmer-net on the end and actively sweeping the surface of each water feature on the property. Something very simple, yet very effective. Doing-so allows less strain on your water feature and water feature equipment. The equates to less material which might potentially pass through your skimmer-basket and end up in the pump, not to mention ending up as oil stains on your pool tile.

Skimming Your Pool

Keep the Pool Strainer Clear

Keeping your strainer basket clear helps reduce your pool pump chances from overheating or potential cavitation which may eventually erode your pump impeller. Each water feature typically has 2 types strainers, one in the pool pump (make sure you know how to turn a pump on/off appropriately) and one on the pool wall (typically 3-10 of this skimmer type on larger commercial pool properties) This can be done easily by removing the basket and dumping the debris out in the trash. (Make sure not to break your skimmer basket when doing this)

Vacuum Your Pool Daily or Weekly

Every pool is different, have a layout specific to the property design. Some apartments we serve are extremely high maintenance due to the amount of people and vegetation in the area. Let’s not forget about ducks! All three of these factors lead to vacuuming your pool as needed for your specific pool. Doing so as often as possible will keep your residents happy, yourself if you are a homeowner, and your pool liner entirely as this helps avoid staining your pool. Do you need a robot for your commercial property? We supply numerous properties throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego with commercial-grade robotic cleaners.

Brush the walls and Tiles

The walls and tiles need a good brushing once a week or maybe multiple times a week depending on your property. Do so minimizes the calcium deposit potential and even algae build up. If your pool tile is dirty there are many different options to clean this. We work with many professional aquatic centers throughout Orange County and California in general who clean their pool tiles 2-3x per week.
stained pool tile with pool supples

Keeping your DE Filter, Cartridge, or Sand Filter Clear

Typically there are three different filters: diatomaceous earth, cartridge or sand filter, each need to be maintained by a professional or someone who is an avid DIY’er as these are under pressure and can be dangerous if not handled with care. Neglecting to backwash your filter can lead to numerous costly pool issues. We often see properties who need a backwash 1-3x per month and a filter media cleanout every 6-12 months for maximum pool filter operation and efficiency

How to replace your DE filter media

Manage your Pool Chemistry (Ph & Chlorine)

Of all the pool equipment the one that requires the least amount of maintenance would be the pool heater. That is, until you realized you have not be properly maintaining your pool chemistry. Believe it or not, if your pool chemistry is not appropriately maintained, your pool heater will be the first to tell you. Unfortunately long after the costly damage has been done, by this time you would have seen “black soot” in your pool – this is from a damaged pool heater. Second to this will be your pool plaster bubbling or tearing off the walls. For homeowners the average pool cleaner should know how to manage your pool chemistry, if you are interested in maintaining this yourself have a look at our video outlining our water feature chemistry process for a commercial property we work with. (in-case you were wondering the pool Ph level should be 7.2-7.8 PPM and Chlorine 1-3 PPM)

Most importantly if you own or manage a commercial property or aquatic facility in Orange County or California in general, each water feature on your property is required by law to properly maintained at all times. This includes proper records for pool chemistry, equipment, chemical, etc.,%20Chapter%2020,%20Sections%2065501-65551.pdf

Each property must also be ADA compliant with each water feature also

If you are in need of any aquatic repairs, maintenance, or ADA Inspection we are able to help you.

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