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Pool & Spa Equipment Repair Orange County & Los Angeles California

Pool & Spa Heater Repair

Do you need a new pool or spa heater? Is your pool equipment broken? Look no further if so, we offer professional pool, spa, and custom water feature pool heating installation, maintenance or replacement services. When you contact us at Commercial Pool Services, our quality customer service begins immediately. Your pool and spa heating services start with a review of your existing issues and equipment. Then after thorough discussion with you, we determine your best options. Based on your pool size and requirements, we draft an estimated cost. Once you’ve approved it, we begin your pool heating job as soon as possible.

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Residential Pool Heater Repair Services

Lets face it, you have a pool because you enjoy being able to swim whenever you like, regardless of season or outside temperature. Depending on the weather and climate, you will rely on heating to ensure a comfortable and pleasurable experience. Swimming pool heaters need special care. Aside from your house central heating and electrics, they the most complicated pieces of domestic equipment you own.

Therefore if you have a problem with it, any repairs to pool heaters should be carried out by qualified professionals. Any insurance or equipment manufacture warranty and guarantee will also require you to call in trained experts. Otherwise you risk invalidation, as well as causing further damage to the pool heater and other parts.

There are obviously costs associated with maintaining your pool at an ambient temperature but it is possible to control fuel consumption and prevent waste. Assist your pool heater efficiency and water conservation by using an insulated pool cover, and protecting the pool area from wind protection. Ultimately, prevention of pool problems is preferable. You can ensure breakdowns or repairs are kept to a minimum with regular annual pool heater servicing by a residential pool heater specialist.

Residential Pool Services
Residential Pool Services

Commercial Pool Heater Repair Services

Your business relies on your pool and spa areas to be in perfect working order. When you are offering premium leisure services, the comfort of all your guests needs to be assured.  The temperature recommended for recreational and competitive sports swimming by the American medical professionals and many swimming coaches is 78° F. Children and the elderly, and those suffering from medical conditions will need water up to around 80° F. For hydrotherapy, you will need a consistent supply of warmer water.  

Any down time caused by heater malfunction is undesirable and problems can leave you seriously out of pocket. You can rely on our team to understand the maintenance needs of your complex pool equipment. Many factors can affect heater efficiency, such as insufficient attention to pool chemistry which can cause damage.

You also need to monitor operating costs, which can be kept to a minimum by installing and maintaining an efficient, properly sized heater, a good quality pool cover, as well as keeping your filtering system cleaned. So as a business professional yourself, you have our reassurance that your repair and maintenance is carried out by a professional commercial pool heater repair service team.  

Commercial Pool Heater Repair
Commercial Pool Heater Repair

Pool Pumps & Plumbing Repair Services

If the pump malfunctions it is going to affect the entire pool heating and water system because the electrical pump is what keeps your pool circulation system moving. Water is drawn out via the skimmer to remove larger surface debris, and when it reaches the pump it goes through an initial filter. The water is then decontaminated and refiltered, and sent along to the heater and chlorinator. After this process, the pump returns the clean warm water back to the pool.

With the appropriate care and normal safe usage, pool pumps last about 8-10 years before needing replacing. The servicing of commercial & residential pool pumps and plumbing will alert you to changes in the pump motor or parts so that you can get it fixed before any damage is done to other pool equipment and machinery. Unusual noises, rusting parts, damaged electrical connections will all need immediate attention.

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Pool Pump Repair Orange County California

If your pump remains strong but is quite old, our service team could save you money by fitting a new, more efficient model. Although pump designs haven’t changed much manufacturers have been working hard to build pumps which consume less energy. They may recommend a smaller pump, because bigger isn’t always better. Additionally the smaller the amperage draw of the motor, the less expensive it will be to operate.

Pool Pump Repair Orange County California

Pool Pump Filter Repair Orange County California

Filters are designed to get dirty! And as they become clogged, the water pressure increases. So a pressure gauge will tell you when the filter requires attention. Filters are an essential part of your pool plumbing system because contaminated water is going to affect the pump and heating. We just recommended smaller pool pumps, however always get the largest one you can afford.

There are three types of filter. Diatomaceous Earth (DE), sand or cartridge. Many commercial & residential pool filtration services will recommend the DE filter, which is highly efficient. In the case of DE pool filters, when the filter pressure rises, backwashing is required. Then dirty filter powder is removed, and new added. In addition to this, an annual or semi-annual maintenance cleaning is also required. This is a complete strip down, drain and hose.

However all filters have pros and cons regarding ease of cleaning and maintenance, and our experienced service team will discuss options with you. If you have any concerns about an old or dangerous looking filter, ask our team for a consultation.

Pool Pump Filter Repair Orange County California

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